res severa enim gaudium

  • 04-2018

    1152 hours spent with my boat so far
  • Ship's watch from 1963

    Too early - I just couldn't say no
  • 03-2018

    After 262 working days
  • (Re)Framing completed

    84 frames have been replaced
  • New frames and deck beams

    Oak and Ash
  • 02-2018

    After 240 working days
  • Scale 1:12

    Model of my harbour and workshop handling trailer
  • Wheel

    Heavy duty wheel; load capacity 500kg
  • Trailer

    Wheel and strut of the workshop handling trailer
  • Dedicated Design

    Ground clearance in the lower keel section as low as possible (iron cast keel not in place)
  • Mount

    Mount for steel ropes
  • 01-2018

    After 226 working days
  • Table Saw

    Adjusting the blade before cutting supports for deck beams
  • Deck Beams

    Preparing deck beams in the mast area
  • Deck Beams

    Preparing deck beams in the mast area
  • 12-2017

    200 working days spent in the workshop in 2017
  • DIY

    Clamps for shaping and laminating laminated frames
  • Do it yourself clamps

    All set for laminating a long s-shaped frame
  • This was a big one!

    New floor timber in section 5
  • 11-2017

  • New!

    Deck beams and lodging knees made from ash wood
  • New!

    Traditional copper nail for deck beams
  • Reinforcement

    Stainless steel moulding on top of transom knee
  • Iron

    Repairing the upper edge of the transom
  • Frames

    Upper ends of new frames still have to be sawn off
  • Aft section view

    Floor area seems to be almost completed
  • Metal Work

    Trunk (rudder stock feed-through) not yet zinc-plated
  • Tools

    Is this a work of art or just a hammer?
  • Logo

    The project now has a badge of its own
  • 10-2017

  • Aft deck section

    All deck structures have been removed
  • Battens

    This is starting material for numerous frames
  • 1930s

    Old coat of paint from 1938
  • 1930s

    Aft section coat of paint in the original state
  • 09-2017

  • New Knees

    Replacement parts supporting deck beams in station 13
  • 07-2017

  • Laminating spars

    First approach: Just testing the glue with oak wood
  • Laminating spars

    Just testing if the glue works perfectly with oak wood
  • First two floor timbers in place

    The pieces are already fixed with temporary keel bolts
  • Laminating spars

    Bevel and workbench
  • Replacing spars

    Copper bolts from 1938 and bronze screws from subsequent repairs about 20 years ago
  • Replacing spars

    This is the next section to work on
  • Laminating spars

    Close up
  • Laminating spars

  • Old spars

    Most of the old spars were broken but nevertheless still firmly attached to most of the planks
  • Many old additional reinforcement spars in the boat

    There must have been a repair using thread screws some 20 years ago
  • 06-2017

  • No time for taking fotos in June

    Just hard work to prepare everything for new frames and floor timbers
  • 05-2017

  • Camera position

    From time to time I record some video footage just to fill my youtube diary
  • Replacing deadwood of the upper keel

  • More holes and bolts

    Drilling big holes and placing them precisely in the center of the deadwood turned out to be complicated
  • 04-2017

  • Filling seams between planks

    This is the area below waterline
  • Old deadwood of the upper keel

    The pieces turned out to be partially weak and had to be replaced completely
  • Replacing deadwood of the upper keel

  • Replacing bolts of the keel area

  • Filling seams between planks - below waterline

  • 03-2017

  • Having a break

  • Replacing wood in the upper keel

    The so called deadwood removed - keel planks still in place
  • Replacing wood in the upper keel

    The so called deadwood has to be replaced by solid oak
  • 02-2017

  • Filling all seams between planks

    Before filling the seams all improper caulking had to be removed
  • Cleaning seams between planks

    What a nice Fitscheneisen!
  • Hand tool

    What a lovely Lie-Nielson plane!
  • Heavy duty lifting gear

    The boat surely will be lifted and flipped over more than once.
  • Plans

    The original boat plans by Johan Anker drawn in 1929
  • Plans

    The original boat plans by Johan Anker drawn in 1929
  • Wood

    Oak and hackmatack (larix laricina)
  • Filling seams between planks

  • Filling seams between planks

  • Sandbags

    These are real multi purpose tools!
  • Construction Number?

    I found this number engraved on the back of the nameplate.
  • Number 28

    As found on the back side of the nameplate.
  • Filling seams between planks

    Close-up view
  • Filling seams between planks

  • 01-2017

  • Nameplate

    A badge showing the boat`s origin in Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • Arrival

    A Sunny day in December 2016 when the boat arrived at the workshop
  • OMG!

    Yes - the Boat was in a poor condition
  • Oops!

    The entrance turned out to be too narrow!
  • Warm and dry

    The boat finally made it's way inside the workshop.
  • Removing the keel

    The 1000kg iron keel and keel-bolts are almost completly dismounted
  • Battens

    The hull needed to be reinforced during early stages of the restoration