res severa enim gaudium

331 working days in two years, 1420 hours
Mahogany veneer planking for the hull, 2nd layer
Mahogany planking for the hull, first layer
270 days / 1176 hrs
Chronometer from 1963
264 days / 1149 hrs.
New deck beams (ash)
(Re)framing of 84 frames completed
226 days / 983 hrs.
Mount for ropes
Very low ground clearance once when iron keel will be mounted again
Wheel and strut of workshop handling trailer
Heavy duty wheel, load capacity 500kg
Sacle 1:12 boat and workshop handling trailer
201 days / 879 hrs.
Preparing deck beams in the mast area
Preparing deck beams in the mast area
Adjusting table saw blade
367 days / 827 hrs.
The big one: New floor timber for station 5
DIY clamps ready for long s-shaped frame
172 days / 760 hrs.
Clamps for shaping and laminating frames
New! Lodging knees and deck beams made from ash wood
Traditional style copper nail for deck beams
Reinforcement: Stainless steel moulding on top of transom knee
Repairing upper edge of transom
Uppe ends of frames not yet sawn off
Floor areas in aft section almost completed
Trunk (rudder stock feed-through) before zinc-plating
Is this a work of art or just another hammer?
Old coat of paint from 1938
Old coat of interior paint
Battens ready for production of many frames
156 days / 639 hrs.
After removing all deck structures
135 days / 522 hrs.
New knees for deck beams section 13
One of many reinforment spars - probably added some 20 years ago
Eve when broken these old frames sat firmly on the planks
Laminated new frame, close up
110 days / 433 hrs.
First two Floor timbers in place and fixed with temporary keel bolts
Copper nails and bronze screws and bolts from 1938
Bevel and workbench for lamination
Replacing the frames only one section after another
Testing whether glue and oakwood make a durable lamination
100 days  / 400 hrs.
Preparing this for restoration is a dirty job.
92 days / 313 hrs.
Drilling big holes precisely throug the center of deadwood had to be prepared meticulously
Replacing deadwood of the upper keel section
69 days / 240 hrs.
Recording video footage for the youtube diary
Filling seams between planks below waterline
Replacing bolts of the keel area
58 days / 177 hrs.
Replacement knee aft bilge area
Old knee from aft bilge area
Filling seams between planks
Deadwood from keel area and aft bilge section
Keel plank withod deadwood
40 days / 101 hrs.
Having a break.
While filling seams between planks
While filling seams between planks
"No. 28" found on the back of the nameplate
Badge (nameplate) telling the boat
"No. 28" found on the back of the nameplate
Hackmatack - old and new
close up
Larix laricina (hackmatack) and white oak
Original boat plans by Johan Anker 1929
Original boat plans by Johan Anker 1929 and modified version from 1996
Heavy duty lifting gear for flipping over the boat
Lovely Lie-Nielson plane
Cleaning the seams with a "Fitscheneisen"
Improper caulking from the past had to be removed completely
Reinforcing the hull during early stages of restoration
1000kg cast iron keel about to be removed
warm and dry after decades in rain and cold
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This entrance turned out to be too narrow.
Yes - that is what she looked like.
Sunny day in December 2016 when the boat arrived at the workshop
This what you call: poor condition?
Not convinced yet.
On the road.